Convidamos a todos para a primeira palestra do Seminário de Geometria & Topologia do semestre 2016-1, quarta-feira proxima semana, dia 06/04:

Given a Lie group, the classical Van Est theorem relates global cohomological data on the Lie group (e.g. cohomology with values in some representation) with infinitesimal information depending only on its Lie algebra. Later, this theorem was generalized by Weinstein-Xu (for low degrees) and Crainic (for arbitrary degrees) to Lie groupoids providing a framework to study characteristic classes for Lie groupoids, obstructions to integrability among other things. In this talk, we shall study a special class of Lie groupoids and show how the Van Est theorem can be used to obtain a result relating representations up to homotopy of Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids.

Palestrante: Thiago Linhares Drummond (UFRJ)
Data: 06/04/2016
Hora: 15:30h
Local: C119