Data: 03/11/2016
Hora: 13:30h
Local: C116

Palestrante: Pedro Frejlich (PUC-Rio)

Título: Homotopy Invariance in Lie Theory

Resumo: In this talk, we approach the notion of homotopy invariance in the real of Lie theory via deformation of transversals. This perspective unifies several seemingly unrelated phenomena, and offers new insight into the pullback construction. Part of joint work with I. Marcut, U. Radboud (Nijmegen).

Palestrante: Simão Correia (Universidade de Lisboa)

Data: 03/11/2016 (excepcionalmente, a palestra dessa semana será na 5a feira)
Hora: 13:30 h
Local: C-119

Título: Spatial plane waves for the NLS: local existence and stability results

Resumo: In this talk, we shall consider classes of particular solutions for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation. The simplest case appears when one requires that the solution must also satisfy a transport equation in the spatial variables. These solutions are not contained in the known local well-posedness theories. We show local well-posedness on functional spaces which include these solutions and prove their stability with respect to localized perturbations. To this end, we consider a new functional transform, the plane wave transform, which has some quite unexpected properties and generalizes Fourier and Laplace's transform. A comment on further applications to other PDE's shall be made. This is a joint work with Mário Figueira.

Palestrante: Boyan Sirakov (PUC)

Data: 26/10/2016 (quarta feira)
Hora: 15:00 h (horário especial)
Local: C-119

Título: Estimativas a priori e regularidade para EDPs elipticas

Resumo: Nesta palestra falaremos de desigualdades de tipo Harnack, fundamentais para a teoria de regularidade, de algumas extensões de fronteira recentes, e de um novo método para mostrar estimativas a priori, para equações elípticas se segunda ordem.