Data: 13/09/2018 - Quinta-feira
Hora: 13:30
Local: Sala B108a

Palestrante: Marcus Torres (IMPA)

Título: Geometry of moduli of YMH monopoles from Gauss-Manin connection in disguise

Resumo: The geometry of the moduli of SU(2) YM-Higgs monopoles are the main ingredient to understand the physics of scattering monopoles. Finding it is also a mathematical challenge of significant importance, for the interesting aspects that it relates: twistor theory, rational maps, nahm data and hyperkähler geometry. Now we add to this quest elements of Hodge theory, by studying the moduli of spectral curves and relating it the to the curvature equation of the moduli of monopoles using the method Gauss-Manin connection in disguise. Our proposal was verified for k= 2 and soon it will be checked for other cases.